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Radio Broadcast of the 4th Quarter of the Saints @ 49ers Playoff Game

I knew they were replaying the broadcast of the 4th quarter, so I recorded it, chopped out the commercials, and posted it so we can all listen to it at our leisure!

Blueprint for the Perfect Coach: The Jim Harbaugh Story

My first attempt at writing an article. I would appreciate any feedback you guys might be able to give me. Thanks, hope you enjoy.

Grant Cohn Predicts 30-3 49ers Blowout

He calls the Ravens defense three stars with the rest of them "Average Joe's". Grant should know better that team defense is predicated on personal accountability to perform the coaching staff's defensive gameplan. I posted a comment and said that his post reeked of homerism and a general ignorance of football and... my post is seemingly deleted.

49ers Football: Keeping An Eye Out For Frederick P. Soft

Excerpt: It's gotten to the point where Harbaugh dismisses media compliments like other coaches dismiss player controversies. An all-out anti-Freddie campaign has obviously gone viral in the Niner locker room. When Justin Smith was asked about his game-sealing pass deflection against the Giants last Sunday, he claimed it was because he was tired and couldn't rush Eli Manning. Chronicle beat writer Eric Branch rewound the tape of that interview and heard Ray McDonald laughing as he said that. A day later, Harbaugh claimed he heard Smith telling Ray to watch out for a pass in the B-Gap, the spot where he had deflected that pass. It's almost as if no one wants to take credit for how awesome this team has become, lest Freddie Soft handjobs them into complacency.

49er greats to have brains examined

Both John Henry Johnson and Joe Perry made the decision before they died to have their brains examined for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Remember, this is the disease that Chris Henry suffered from.

Cool Kaepernick Article

Fun facts and pertinent info on Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers' quarterback heir apparent, gleaned from a whirlwind tour of his hometown, Turlock:

Prince Amukamara versus Justin Blackmon

(Tried posting as an embedded video but kept receiving an error - Sorry) I like Amukamara... Just not at #7. Personally, I like these 4 before Prince but that brings up another discussion all together: Draft for need or BPA? 1a. Patrick Peterson b. AJ Green c. Robert Quinn d. Von Miller PP doesn't need explaining - it fits both the BPA and a need. AJ is purely a BPA pick. A lights out pick. But in the opposite direction of where we "need" to go. Quinn is a beast. Had he played this past season, Von Miller would be looking at the mid-high teens before his name would be called. Watch him against Virginia and then against Anthony Castonzo of BC. He owns him. Von would be a solid pick, address both a need and atleast come close to beating out Prince in terms what he brings to the table. Again, I like Prince - just not at #7.

Carson Palmer USC Highlights

RT @mortreport Carson Palmer will demand a trade from Bengals; willing to play retirement card, if necessary. Is he worth a look? How much is he worth? Is he a viable "stop-gap"?

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