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All-Time LA Kings Hockey Team, '91-Present

Here's an idea we had kicked around a few months ago that I'm just getting to now. Hey, you get what you pay for. Anyway, we here at Battle of California thought it'd be fun to comprise a all-time...

Sharks All-Time Players: Mike's Take, Part 1

Gee, that subject is kinda grand in a Star Wars: Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back kind of way.I'm taking RudyKelly's challenge of coming up with a "Best Of" team (plus, there's not much to talk...

Anaheim's All-Time Team: Who centers the top line?

Well, before I get started on this All-Time Team challenge, I should first point out that the Chief at A2Y has written up his Rival Rating for the Ducks ("the Fowl"), and brings up a lot of the...

Anaheim's All-Time Team: the 5th and 6th Defensemen

Well, I was happy enough with the variety of responses I got from my search for a #1 center for the all-time Anaheim Sometimes-Mighty Ducks of Anaheim that I think I'll continue this "ask the...

Anaheim's All-Time Team: Let's Back Up Giguere

Well, time to move on to Part 3 of this All-Time Team exercise for the Ducks. You can still chime in on who gets to play #1 center and the #5 and #6 defensemen, though. I'm accepting input on all...

All-Time Sharks, Part 2

Time to continue my post from many moons ago -- that is, the All-Time Sharks, selected on the strength of a single season. While RudyKelley may be looking at the big picture and Earl Sleek may be...

Anaheim's All-Time Team: Protect the Superstars

To help save the planet, I am re-using an image from Christmas 2006.I know I've lost some momentum on this Anaheim Sometimes-Mighty Ducks of Anaheim project, but I'm down to my last spot to fill....

The Name of the Game is Depth & Other News

Depth Charge?: What a difference a year (and a coach) makes.  With the addition of Matt Barnes, the Suns are suddenly 10 (I'm lookin' at you, Alando) deep with a PG - who will log minutes - yet to...

49ers All-Time Running Back

First, congratulations to Harris Barton who joins Bob St. Clair at tackle on our offensive line.  I'd imagine Barton, St. Clair, McIntyre, Cross and Sapolu would be a pretty amazing offensive...

49ers All-Time Guard #2

In what has been a tight battle, we're going to declare Guy McIntyre the #1 offensive guard for our all-time team.  While Randy Cross is certainly a deserving candidate, McIntyre put together a...

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