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Live Preds Talk & News From Twitter


Keep up with all the latest news & talk about the Nashville Predators with this feed of the best Preds-related Twitter accounts.

Darrius Barnes Reacts To Criticism Via Twitter

New England Revolution defender Darrius Barnes took exception to criticism of himself and his team by NE Soccer Today, and voiced his displeasure on Twitter. Even for the best professionals,...

Tampa Bay Lightning players on Twitter


Twitter is fast becoming a favorite with athletes to interact with fans. So what Tampa Bay Lightning players are now on Twitter?

A Rant on Kirill Kabanov's Decision to Leave Twitter


Kirill Kabanov's decision to leave Twitter may be for the best, but what likely fed it represents a disturbing example of mass behavior from people seemingly expecting him to fail.

49ers On Twitter: Last Week's Craziness, Anthony Dixon Dominates


Once a week, I'm going to take a look at various 49ers players on Twitter and some of the things they say. I'll probably end up being incredibly sarcastic and sardonic. In fact, the only thing that...

Michael Crabtree Joins Twitter: Who Else Is Worth Following?


We take a look at some of the Bay Area athletes available to follow on Twitter.

Texans ILB DeMeco Ryans Says Rehab Ahead Of Schedule


Per the Twitter account of Houston Chronicle writer John McClain, The Captain's rehab of his season-ending Achilles injury is going better than expected. Ryans even says that he should be good for training camp, should the lockout end of course. Does this ease some of the gloom and doom that some have had when thinking about DeMeco in 2011?

Bored and not sleepy #theworst


Bored and not sleepy #theworst

Adrian Clayborn, tweeting at midnight with nothing to do. Do I seriously need to tell Adrian Clayborn to rub one out? Is that what my life has become? #marchifornibation

Cappie Pondexter Apologizes For Offensive Tweets About Japan


Props to Cappie for the apology, but I really hope she takes a moment to fully understand just how racist and offensive the original comments were.

Politics, religion, money and sports


Three topics to avoid if you want to keep your friends are politics, religion and money. There is nothing more divisive. But what happens when athletes start infringing on those topics and...

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