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Guillard on cut: 'best thing that could happen'


While some longtime fans may be mourning the release of "The Young Assassin," Guillard himself isn't among them.

UFC releases Ivan Menjivar after Hioki loss


Following a loss to Hatsu Hioki at the TUF China Finale, the UFC has parted ways with longtime vet Ivan Menjivar.

Melvin Guillard released from UFC contract


Following a no-contest against Ross Pearson and, more recently, a lackluster decision loss to Michael Johnson, the UFC has decided to part ways with longtime vet Melvin Guillard.


Retrospective on TUF cuts

Hello everyone. I've been on BE for a couple months now and this is my fanpost. I have a couple ideas for future articles but for now I want to take a trip in my time machine to almost one year ago...

You're Fired! Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem Released From Strikeforce


Heavyweight bruiser, and Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, Alistair Overeem has been released from Strikeforce. What caused the Zuffa owned promotion to release one of their hottest commodities?

UFC on Versus Results: Nate Marquardt Releases Statement Live Blog - Bloody Elbow


I was going to do an excellent write-up of the MMA Hour interview with Nate Marquardt and his manager, Lex McMahon, but Mike Fagan at Bloody Elbow already did an excellent write-up of it so I suggest checking it out. There is a whole lot of chronology in there. A few key things I got out of it: 1. Nate informed the UFC as soon as he began testosterone therapy. 2. Nate did receive a therapeutic exemption from New Jersey for testosterone therapy related to his fight against Jim Miller. 3. His levels were not in the acceptable range prior to weigh-ins on Saturday but they were on Sunday. 4. Nate found out he was fired via Twitter just like the rest of us. 5. Nate got choked up at least twice during the interview and it made me also get choked up. There is A LOT more to it than just these points so check it out...

Dana White: Nate Marquardt is Out of the UFC


It's short and sweet but it's Dana and he says Nate Marquardt has been cut from the UFC. Wow. Dana's comments were: "I'm sure you heard that Nate Marquardt is out. It's true. He failed his medicals. Not only is he out of this fight, out of the main event on Versus, he will no longer be with the UFC." Short and sweet.

Mario Miranda Cut by the UFC


Mario Miranda, once a can't miss 11-0 blue chip prospect coming out of the elite Black House and Matt Hume's AMC Pankration camps has been cut by the UFC.

You're Fired! Multiple Fighters Released Following UFC Fight for the Troops 2


Cageside Seats takes a look at the fighters that have been released following UFC Fight for the Troops 2, which include Tim Hague and Amilcar Alves. See what fighter that didn't even participate in...

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