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Monday Night Football Crew Booth Losing Ron Jaworski In 2012


We break down the news that Ron Jaworski will leave the ESPN MNF booth in 2012.

Scouts Inc Breaks Down Players Teams Can't Game-Plan Against


We take a look at Scouts Inc's choice for the 49ers player hardest to game-plan against. They choose Patrick Willis. We think there's an argument for a close second.

49ers-Seahawks: Trying to rain on my own parade


As I look back at my posts this week, you'd think this was a lock-win for the 49ers and anything less than a two touchdown victory might be a disappointment.  The gambling folks appear to agree...

49ers Defensive Line Depth Chart


For the most part, the 49ers depth chart is relatively settled.  We know who will be starting at corner and who will be coming in as the 3rd DB.  We know our quarterback, our running backs and so...

ESPN 2008 Predictions and the 49ers


ESPN ran a feature yesterday with predictions for the upcoming season.  Dallas is the overwhelming favorite to win the NFC, while San Diego, New England and Indianapolis are the AFC favorites. ...

Our long national nightmare is over: Brett Favre has been traded to the New York Jets


I previously mentioned I wanted to avoid Brett Favre chatter, and in fact I've avoided Sportscenter and NFL Live for much of the last week.  However, this is the one story I'm willing to happily...

Golden Nuggets: 49ers news for 7/26/08


Now that training camp, all sorts of information is popping up.  I thought I'd use this edition of Golden Nuggets to cover some of them, as well as give a little wrap up of the first day of...

49ers QBs only 4th worst? To quote Eric Cartman: Sweeeeet!


Consider this post inspired by a couple of links.  First off, howtheyscored put up a great FanShot that linked to the Pro Football Reference website of a Rex Grossman who was a kicker in the late...

Yahoo Team Fantasy Rankings: #30 - 49ers


Yahoo has been compiling a variety of lists discussing everything from the 11 coolest helmets in pro football history to nnon-football athletes who would excel in the NFL.  The one of interest ot...

How good will Frank Gore be in 2008, or why fantasy projections are BS.


A lot of message boards (for any sports team really) can get extraordinarily negative at times.  I've noticed traffic often increases here when things are going poorly.  Of course, since Niners...

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