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Jeff Fuller was a first round prospect entering his senior season.


Everywhere I look on the internet, people are saying that Fuller has the potential to be a great NFL receiver. I really think we need to put this kid on the 53. He has the potential to be a true number one receiver given time and he has familiarity with Tannehill and the playbook. He had a rough senior season, but was plagued by injuries that helped in making him drop the football. If his confidence isn't shaken and he can get back to his junior form by not dropping the football, we may have truly gotten a diamond in the rough as an undrafted free agent. It could be a Bess-like pickup.

2011 Texas AM Football Preview: Aggie State of the Union


And it's goodbye to A&M... It's time we face the truth, fellow Big 12ers. Texas A&M is dumping our conference for a prettier girl. So invite your closest girlfriends over, crawl into your...

Texas vs. the Big 12, Pt. II


We're back from the Dallas Zoo where the mountain lion hides in the shade and the tattooed handler feeds mice to the bearded lizards before your eyes! In part I, we examined the lesser squads of...

The All Big 12 Media Team


Amid all the distractions of the LHN, we've failed to discuss the release of the media's Preseason All Big-12 Team. I've cut and pasted below for visual effects: OFFENSE QB: Landry Jones, Oklahoma...

Tracking Baylor – Week 3, The Futility of UHfan, etc.


I married a woman from the British Isles earlier this year. She’s half Irish, half British. She’s constantly at war with herself and most religions, which is nice. Anyway, I am off to Ireland with...

Jeff Fuller Was to Meet with Houston Texans


Jeff Fuller was scheduled to meet with Texans General Manager Rick Smith, find out why the visit was cancelled.

2012 Senior Bowl: Draft Stock Report for Days 2-3


Which players are raising their draft stock at the Senior Bowl this week? Which players are killing their chances of getting drafted early in 2012? An in-depth look at days 2 and 3 of Senior Bowl...

49ers' Year-by-Year: 1990


This article briefly summarizes the San Francisco 49ers' 1990 season. Would the 49ers be able to become the first team in NFL history to win three Super Bowls in a row? (I'll give you a hint -...

49ers Year-by-Year: 1984


A brief historical recap of the San Francisco 49ers' 1984 season.

49ers Year-by-Year: 1969


A historical summery of the San Francisco 49ers' 1969 season.

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