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Crabtree's reputation


Matt Maiocco does a full piece on Michael's bay area rep. So what is the perception of Michael Crabtree? Is he a diva? Is he misunderstood? Does it matter at all?

Michael Crabtree fined $2,500


In a joke of a fine the NFL came down on Michael Crabtree for actually playing until the whistle blew. Hows it a personal foul late hit if the whistle had not blown and no one touched Trevard Lindley to make him down. Crabtree did knock the ball out of the hands of Lindley as well. In my opinion no penalty should have been called and the fine is not warranted either.

Jay Glazer Mailbag: Here's hoping Crabtree holdout ends soon

QUESTION — Daniel from Fontana, Calif., on Michael Crabtree: "Do you think he will ever come to his senses and sign with San Francisco? Does he even want to be there?" jay_glazer: I actually do. If his belief is that he's going to be a top-five pick next year, well then why wasn't he one this year? His value won't increase after missing a year. Just ask Mike Williams. Plus, people were already on guard regarding his character with the buzz heading into this past draft saying he was a diva. This certainly won't help to dispel that notion. As I reported on Sunday on FOX NFL Sunday, the 49ers sent him a letter the week before the season began saying they would modify their offer if he was not in by Week 1. I don't see them caving on their price. On a personal note, I hope he signs soon. I did a Subway commercial with him during the draft and actually liked him a lot. It's a shame to see his name getting bashed, because I really think he's a good kid. The whole thing's a shame.

Crabtree Re-considering Niners Offer?

From Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk so take it with a grain of salt but Crabtree could sign soon: We're now hearing that, after the 49ers went into Arizona and knocked off the defending NFC...

NFL.com Chat - Gil Brandt on 49ers camp


Check out the 2nd question in on Crabtree and how the 49ers look in camp...

just for you here Niner Nation....from a Red Raider


just for you here Niner Nation....from a Red Raider

A lot of pressure is on Crabtree to succeed, but let's not hold onto it


This is a little piece I just wrote about newly drafted 49er Michael Crabtree. Most times, we would judge first round picks by their immediate impact to the team. But for Crabtree, I would hope that fans wouldn't expect him to have a spectacular rookie campaign. If it takes two or three years for Crabtree to develop into a solid receiver, I'm more than willing to lay off high first-year expectations.

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