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Singletary Miked Up


Coach Sing was miked up for the 49ers-Seahawks game. At the end of the video, during coach Sing's speech, you can see Patrick Willis looking at his injured right arm.

Mike Singletary and Troy Smith Locker Room Speech


Speeches given after the win against St Louis. Watching Singletary address the players answers some of the questions I had about him and rekindles some of that preseason excitement for the next game. And Troy is just a class act, as usual.

Yahoo Writer calls Jimmy Raye a Brilliant Strategist


Jason wrote an article on Yahoo about Mike Singletary and if he'll be back in 2011. He states "Raye is a brilliant NFL strategist, which is why he was hired to be an offensive coordinator seven times.ut in the moment of battle, Raye is often too disorganized and slow to react, causing problems in the rush of an NFL game. That’s why Raye was fired seven times and never became a head coach." If Raye was such a brilliant strategist he wouldn't have failed seven times!

Mike Singletary's Stare Makes Top Trademark Looks


Posted this up on SB Nation Bay Area, go check it out and the feature within.

49ers State of the Franchise - NFL Total Access


Rich Eisen and the NFL Total Access crew analyze the state of the 49ers franchise, and look ahead to the 2009 season. Even though Charles Davis makes a STUPID prediction about the draft.

Coach Sing says No to Garcia


I just noticed this in Maiocco's daily blog thing, don't know if anyone else did whe he said it weeks ago - two sections below the TO thing. In one foul swoop, we cut ties with the last winning Niners team, for good from what I see.

Singletary and McCloughan press conferences to be streamed on nfl.com


Mike Singletary will conduct a new conference at 7 a.m. PT and Scot McCloughan will have a news conference at 7:15 a.m. PT. Both are supposed to be streamed live on nfl.com.

Coach Singletary drops trow


Barrows confirmed what StepUp mentioned earlier today (although the link has been removed at SacBee.com). Coach Singletary apparently dropped his pants at halftime to make a point about what happened to them in the first half. I'm really not sure what to possibly think of this...or even if I want to think about it

Over/Under on Singletary wins in 2008


Bodog has set the over/under on number of 49ers wins the rest of the season at 2.5.

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