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Record Breaking Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles experienced great success on a number of levels in their first regular season under head coach Chip Kelly.


1/4/98: Broncos Win On Road To Super Bowl Title

There are many Broncos/Chiefs games worth talking about. The Monday Night Meltdown, the Atwater hit on the Nigerian Nightmare or the classic Montana/Elway duel. However, the game that mattered the most was the one that ultimately led to a Title.

Three 1000-yard Wide Receivers

Can Thomas, Decker and Welker all do it in a single season? Only four teams in NFL history have ever accomplished that feat, but have any been as talented as these three and paired with the NFL's greatest quarterback?


A series of serendipitous events: Harbaugh, Manning, Luck forever linked by fate

A Niners Nation user takes a look at how things have come full circle for Jim Harbaugh, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

NFL History 101: When Did Each Franchise First Make The Playoffs?

The Texans will make their first playoff appearance in their tenth year of existence. This led Battle Red Blog to wonder when other franchises first made the playoffs.

The 10 Greatest Players in Denver Broncos History

The 10 Greatest Players in Denver Broncos History. John Elway, Terrell Davis, Floyd Little, Shannon Sharpe, Gary Zimmerman and many others are profiled here. If you're a fan of NFL history, this is a must-read.

Nittany Lion Of The Week: Mike Munchak

Tennessee Titans Heach Coach Mike Munchak is the BSD Nittany Lion Of The Week

You can thank the Philadelphia Eagles for the NFL draft

The NFL released a little history on the origins of the NFL draft. This is a story older Eagles fans may already know, but I think is of interest to those of us not around in 1935...

Ranking the franchises

How would you rank NFL franchises in terms of their all-time significance? Cold Hard Football Facts took on that challenge recently. I think it's hard to argue with their conclusion that the Green...

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