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2009 49ers Season truly under way: Voluntary Minicamp #1


The 49ers 2009 season is officially underway with the first voluntary minicamp.

49ers officially name J.T. O'Sullivan the starting QB


In the least shocking announcement in recent memory, Mike Nolan officially named J.T. O'Sullivan the starting QB for the 49ers regular season opener against Arizona. A month ago this would...

49ers 34 - Packers 6: Well then....


We'll have plenty of 49ers-Packers recap coverage in the next few days, but for this evening I wanted to get some quick observations down.  It's been quite some time since the 49ers took care of...

49ers Training Camp: Is J.T. O'Sullivan becoming "the man?"


EDITOR'S NOTE 10:40AM: Nolan acknowledged what he has made obvious: J.T. O'Sullivan is leading the QB race. Well this is certainly getting rather interesting.  After starting the preseason opener...

49ers-Raiders: Measurements of success


We've finally reached our first game day of the year, even if it is just the first exhibition game.  As it is the preseason, measurements of success are quite different from the regular season. ...

49ers QB Situation: The Third Rail of 49ers discussions


What's the third rail you ask?  Well, for those who don't know it's the electric rail on the subway system you don't wanna be touching.  At election time, there is often talk of how social security...

J.T. O'Sullivan to start Friday: Let the wild speculation begin


Well then.  J.T. O'Sullivan will be getting the reps this Friday with the first team offense.  According to Mike Nolan he'll play between a quarter and a quarter and a half.  Alex Smith will then...

49ers Training Camp: So J.T. O'Sullivan is in the starting mix. Or, maybe he is not.


Mike Nolan quotations: "Shaun Hill is resting his shoulder. So since it was his turn to work with the first group, that’s why J.T. O’Sullivan worked with the first group. Because if he’s going...

2008 49ers Training Camp: Day 1 Quotes (Mike Nolan, Alex Smith, Shaun Hill)


The 49ers have been so kind as to provide press conference Q&As on their media website.  While they'll certainly have a fair number of the usual cliches, we're bound to find some useful information...

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