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Bruin Bites: Non-Revenue Roundup, Aikman, MJD

It's Monday morning and BN kicks off the work week with a roundup of the various bits and pieces of news from around the wider UCLA-iverse, focusing in on the non-revenue sports results, Troy...

Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond


Even though the Chicago Bears will be home for the playoffs, I have to admit that this was a pretty spectacular NFL season. Here's my week 17 thoughts, and be sure to chime in with a few of your...

Troy Aikman Disses the Saints


FOX announcer Troy Aikman doesn't think the Saints are as good as the Seahawks. What did he say?

Does McNabb belong in HOF discussion?


Former Eagles' quarterback Donovan McNabb is set to have his number retired in a grand fashion on Thursday night, during halftime of Philadelphia's matchup against the returning Andy Reid and the C...

Leigh Steinberg welcomes tolerance for gay athletes - and an apology to Steinberg


Sometimes we at Outsports get it wrong. I certainly do. And when I'm wrong, I've gotta admit it and apologize. Yesterday I wrote a post about Leigh Steinberg. The uber-sports-agent had written a...

Stop the gay rumor-mongering against Troy Aikman and others


Troy Aikman gay rumors again took center stage last week when the Hall of Fame quarterback was asked by Dallas radio host Dan McDowell about Skip Bayless’ 1996 book that discussed rumors that...

Troy Aikman: I'm not gay, but Skip Bayless might be


Bayless, left, and Aikman Troy Aikman is still mad that sportswriter Skip Bayless speculated 16 years ago in a book that the then Dallas...

Troy Aikman, wife separate after 10 years


Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current Fox NFL analyst Troy Aikman and his wife of 10 years Rhonda have called it quits. "This has been a difficult decision for Rhonda and me, but after 10...

Bayless stands by gay Aikman rumor


Wacko. Clown. Fool. These are some of the words that come to the minds of many when they think of Skip Bayless. The over-the-top sports reporter often featured on ESPN (shocker) made a real name...

Aikman gay rumors and misplaced moral outrage


The author of a new book on the 1990s Dallas Cowboys rips a sportswriter at the time who speculated that then-Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman might be gay. Jeff Pearlman is getting a lot of pub for...

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