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UFL Draft Could Affect NFL Rosters


The United Football League (UFL) held their 2011 UFL Draft and they selected many undrafted cpllege football players that might be called to try out for NFL if and when the labor dispute is...

Can The United Football League Fill The Void?


Don't look now, but the fledgling United Football League is making headlines. Can it fill the void that the NFL has left in our world?

2011 NFL Lockout: Time For A UFL Emergence?


Given all the labor issues, we open up discussion as to whether fans would consider supporting the UFL in the event of a continued NFL lockout.

Barber's Un-Retirement Proves Unspectacular. Next Step: UFL?


If Barber wants to make a comeback, he should consider Jim Fassell's offer to join the UFL.

Even with an impending lockout, the UFL is doomed to fail

When you're championship game draws about as much viewers as a PAX channel infomercial, your league has absolutely NO chance of success.

Florida Tuskers? Tampa Bay Rays ownership banks on it


From the press release: "Commissioner Huyghue also announced that the Tuskers' game against the Las Vegas Locomotives on October 30th will be played at Tropicana Field, home of the Rays, and that the Rays have reached an agreement in principle to acquire an interest in the UFL's Florida franchise. "

J.P. Losman signs with UFL Las Vegas squad


The new face of the United Football league appears to be JP Losman. Where will this league end up?

UFL's "Premiere" Season Will Feature Some (Not-so) Familiar Names


Team logos still have not been revealed. (Photo Source) The inaugural season of the United Football League is quietly coming together. So quietly, in fact, that I didn't even know they had just...

Former Cardinals Wendell Bryant, Oliver Celestin and Bo Schobel (Among Others) Find New Home in the UFL


The UFL had it's inaugural draft last night and several players had ties to the Arizona Cardinals.

United Football League to Kickoff Premiere Season in October '09


As if the failures of leagues like the XFL - and to a lesser extent, the AFL - weren't enough, yet another outdoor football league will try to become David to the NFL's Goliath. The United Football...

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