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Sausage Links: Alex Collins, Recruiting, Wonderlic


Collins is fan favorite, Recruiting, Wonderlic, and WWE

An Introduction to the 2013 NFL Combine


A complete guide to the 2013 NFL Combine, including history, schedule, participants, drills, and broadcast information.

Morris Claiborne's Wonderlic Score Doesn't Matter


Morris Claiborne reportedly scored very low on the Wonderlic test, but it doesn't matter.

Once Smitten, Twice Shy


A pre-Wonderlic smiting was rendered to our favorite fundamentalist adherent. Per a league source, after the person administering the test to Tebow's group had finished, Tebow made a request that...

Colt McCoy: Smarter Than An Apostle, Dumber Than An Okie


The Wonderlic scores have been leaked and when something like this happens, I pretty much always blame the British and Germans. Yes, the Zimmerman Telegram still burns in my memory. I suppose...



It's that time of the year. Wonderlic time! Student-athletes! Matt Stafford's 38 proves that even smart guys like to rifle it into triple coverage from time-to-time. Jeff George's 10 explains a...

Terrelle Pryor: The Victim of Overzealous Reporting And A Questionable Test


Terrelly Pryor has unjustly been put through the ringer this week over alleged reports that he scored a 7 on his wonderlic test, prompting us to take a look at why he took to much heat and whether...

The week in news- Bowl Bust, Anti Piracy and Barnstorming FedEx


Welcome to what I like to call "The Week In News" a.k.a. TWIN. At the end of each week I make an effort to throw my two cents in on the most interesting college football stories that I saw during...

2011 NFL Draft: For the Love of Peyton, the Wonderlic is NOT Related to QB Performance!


Do Wonderlic scores predict QB performance? Putting this myth to bed once and for all.

Kaepernick Scores a 37 on wonderlic


Sounds was verified as a smart young man with a 37, the 3rd best score behind Greg McElroy's 43 and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert's 42 Is it a bad thing that he didn't score as high as Alex Smith who had a 40?

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