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What are we gonna have here?

First off, I wanna thank everyone who's already registered on the site and offered your support.  I think we can get a nice little community going to support the 49ers.

Every Sunday (or Thursday, Saturday or Monday in the future) there will be an open thread for you to post comments on the game, so no need to create a game diary.

I have a solid knowledge of football, but certainly not at the level of someone working with a team.  So my own analysis is going to develop with the blog.  I have my own ideas on the team, what they're doing well, where they can improve and what the future holds.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you in that regard.  This is an exciting time to be a 49ers fan.  We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel on the field, and if John York can get his act together, maybe a new stadium as well.  We shall see.  

A site I'll mention a lot is Football Outsiders.  For baseball fans out there, they are the sister site to Baseball Prospectus, and in fact, BP prints the Outsiders' Pro Football Prospectus each year.  I'm definitely a fan of analytical thinking as it brings a fresh perspective to the game.  However, I'm of the school of thought that no one way of doing things is totally right. Instead, combining various tools will provide the most knowledge. Numbers tell you a lot, but seeing Kwame Harris screw up a block tells you just as much.  I'm not a stat-head and I'm not old school.  I like to think of myself as a hybrid (and yes Kwame Harris will be a bit of a whipping boy here - As they've been axing Donahue players, I fully expect him to be next on the chopping block).

There was mention in the introductory diary about the DLD.  For those who don't know, over at Athletics Nation, they have a daily link dump.  Someone creates a diary with links they find relating to the team, but also relating to anything in football or anything they just wanna mention.  Everyone else can feel free to post their own links and it gives people a central location to check out whatever is out there online.  Tomorrow I'm going to post a DLD on the main page and then from there, hopefully we can get a diary going every day with links.

Beyond that, I've got a few ideas in mind to move this toward being the premier 49ers blog on the web.  When the 49ers play teams who have SB Nation blogs I hope to get some solid interaction and insight from those blogs.

Once things are running smoothly I want to try and get as much insight into the team from the professionals involved, whether it be team officials, team beat reporters or even players.  It's gonna take some time, but if you stick with me, I promise you'll enjoy yourselves.  The key is to know that your input will help make this the best 49ers fan site out there.