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12/23 Clips

AN uses link dump so I certainly don't wanna be a copycat.  If there are any other suggestions for a links title let me know, otherwise we'll just call them the clips.  In the meantime,

The big news is that Antonio Bryant is finally getting punished by the league for his DUI earlier this season.

I was surprised to here that Jeremy Newberry thinks he can make it back next season and wants to come back:

"Right now I feel really well," center Jeremy Newberry said on his cell phone Friday while making Christmas deliveries. "I plan on playing next year."
 I've always been a fan of Newberry and feel like he's gotten some tough breaks on the football field.  I'm no doctor, but microfracture surgery is one of those surgeries you hear bad things about.  Best of luck to him and if we could get him back (he's a free agent) I'd be psyched as he could add to our offensive line depth...and completely bump Kwame off the starting rotation.

Glad to see Alex Smith is rewarding his offensive line. I wonder if Gore will take them to Hawaii with him, or if he'll just roll out some nice Rolexes for them?

Now, I have no problem with players celebrating touchdowns.  I understand the idea of acting like you've been there before, but this is a game and if you are having a good time, so be it.  Of course if you're down 4 TDs there's no need to celebrate a touchdown.  I really think THIS, is a case of the media trying to hard to sensationalize things.  I think Vernon Davis is just a young exuberant player.  Remember he's missed most of this season so this is like week 5 or 6 for him practically.  As long as he remains excited to be an NFL player, and doesn't use the end zone marker as a prop!, I'll support him.

And of course, as always, our prayers are with Coach Walsh in his battle with leukemia.

So feel free to add any links you stumble across.  If it's unrelated to football but funny feel free to dump away. Starting tomorrow I'll put the links in a diary, although if someone gets here in the morning and the diary isn't up, feel free to create your own.