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Open Thread - Week 16 Arizona @ 49ers

Gametime: 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern
Weather:  High: 59°F; Precipitation: 20%
Announcers: Ron Pitts, Jesse Palmer (Surprisingly good as a color guy)
Injury report
Probable: Anthony Adams (Knee)
Questionable: Derek Smith (Hamstring), Eric Johnson (Knee), Adam Snyder (Knee)

Probable: E. Green (illness), Shipp (Ribs)
Questionable: L. Davis (Personal), G. Hayes (Ribs)

And so the playoff push continues.  Both the 49ers and Seahawks will be playing afternoon games, but hopefully the team doesn't get distracted by this.  The game plan should be quite simple for today.  Run Frank Gore, hope for a few solid plays from Alex Smith, contain Edgerrin James.  If the 49ers do that I really think they win.  They can't affect the Seahawks game so it's just not worth worrying about.  Of course fans can follow the game tracker and worry enough for everyone involved.

Best Case Scenario
49ers 31 - Arizona 9: Frank Gore gashes through the Arizona defense putting up 150+ yards.  Alex Smith forces the Cardinals defense to play more straight up as he connects with Vernon Davis for 100+ yards and a pair of TDs.  The defense forces 3 Leinart INTs and Edgerrin James reverts to early season form.

Worst Case Scenario
Arizona 34 - 49ers 6: Alex Smith is unable to keep the Cardinals defense from stacking 8 in the box and Frank Gore is held to 60 yards as the offensive line struggles without Heitmann at center.  The defense is gashed by Edge and Leinart makes enough big plays to baffle the 49ers.

49ers 24 - Arizona 14 - I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with making predictions but for now we'll go with it.  I don't think the 49ers are explosive enough to put up huge point totals, but they are good enough to get the job done, plain and simple.

***EDITOR'S NOTE*** And they're rocking the Super Bowl era throwback jerseys. I LOVE those!