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We're fast approaching a month in service and we've passed 4,200 unique visits, averaging almost 200 a day.  For those just checking things out and not posting, feel free to Sign Up.  We had a nice run of new diaries, but I just want to remind everyone that ANY of you can post a diary.  If you look at the top right column, simply click on "Post New Diary."  If you just have a sentence or two to say, try and include it in an existing thread.  But if you've got something more in depth to say that hasn't already been discussed, or want to open your own "Official Thread," feel free.  For example, we have official playoff prediction threads.  I'll handle game threads and the Draft Day thread, but other than that, feel free to go to town.

Finally, now that we're getting settled into SB Nation, I'm adding some new features to the site now and in the near future.  Obviously we have the SB Nation Scouting Report, as seen in the post below.  I'm planning on expanding the report to include free agents, along with potential draft picks.  I spoke with the Bears blog and we should be hearing about Lance Briggs soon.

At the top of the left column, underneath the logo, you'll see a section titled "Transactions."  Over the course of the off season I'll plug in updated transactions on a day by day basis, including signings, cuts and trades.  Since there is going to be turnover in the coaching staff, I've included them just below the players.

Additionally, on the right column underneath where it says "Staff," I'll be adding a feed that will include the most recent posts and will post the 2007 schedule as soon as it is available.

Finally, at the center of the top of the site it says Diaries : Events : News :.  I'll be adding additional sections so you can search for stories in a more detailed way.  So, for example, there will be a Draft section, a transactions section, a game thread section.  It will hopefully make things more user friendly in terms of searching.

If you would like any other information displayed on the site let me know and I'll see what I can do to make it happen.  I want this to be an all-encompassing site that provides all your 49ers information.

Stay tuned as I'll have a fun little surprise today or tomorrow with some quality info for you guys.