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Stadium-related articles

I don't know about the rest of you, but thanks in large part to my commute, I've become a big fan of the San Francisco Examiner.  I take BART to work and I can read through the daily issue of the Examiner in the amount of time it takes me to wait for BART, get on BART, get to my station and get off BART.  It covers local, national and world news in a very concise format and there sport section, while nothing compared to USA Today's sports section, feeds my local sports needs perfectly.

So today I was reading the Examiner and I found some interesting articles related to the team.  In searching their website for these articles to post here I found another interesting article.  I'd like the daily link dump to become a feature of the diaries here, but in the meantime, here are the articles that piqued my interest:

  • The most interesting piece was actually an editorial by Carole Migden, the author of State Bill 49.  All I know about SB 49 is what I've read in the papers and online.  I've decided to sit down this weekend and really look into the bill.  As with any political issue there are 2 sides to the story and I'd like to know BOTH sides before passing judgement.
  • I'm planning on posting a poll this offseason to see how many games people will be attending at the Stick (it's my site, I don't have to call it Monster if I don't want to!).  For those planning on going to games, a combination of good and bad news: Ticket prices are going up AND down!  2,000 of the "cheap seats" are being lowered from $49 to $25 to encourage season ticket purchases, while 5,000 of the premium seat prices are increasing from $64 to $84.  Apparently 2006 saw a .5% decrease in season ticket prices, while most everywhere else in the NFL saw an average rise of 5.6%.  We'll see how the average changes this year.  Personally, as much fun as football is in person, I tend to enjoy it in the comfort of my inflatable 49ers chair!
  • Finally, an interesting little article comparing Gavin Newsom and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, particularly the potential for both cities to lose a sports franchise.

If any Niners Nation member(s) is/are interested in getting a daily link dump going, I definitely want to encourage it.  News is a little slow for now, but the diaries are always there for you.  I'll try and get a link dump in when I get a chance as well.