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Conference Championship Sunday Open Thread

And so we've arrived at the last week of football before the normally insane 2 weeks of buildup to the Super Bowl.  And I'm sticking to my decision to root for the Bears.  If the Saints beat the Bears, I think the features on them will make previous Super Bowl coverage look like a local high school football game.

Again, Sunday's lines come to you from our friends at Scores And Odds.  All lines are for recreational use only since NOBODY bets on football!!  Any winnings can be turned over to me in lieu of the federal government.


Bears -3 O/U: 43
Key Injuries: NO Joe Horn, Omar Stoutmire both questionable, Mark Campbell Probable; Chi Mark Bradley Questionable
Weather: One Word, SNOW.  


Colts -3 O/U: 48
Key Injuries: NWE Rodney Harrison Doubtful; IND Joseph Addai, Marvin Harrison both probable, Cato June, Nick Harper, Rob Morris, Bob Sanders, Ricky Proehl all questionable (I'm calling shenanigans on some of these...probably some pre-game mindgames)
Weather: They're in a dome, so all that matters is how ahrd the AC is blowing!

For those that aren't aware of it, it is commonly accepted that the home team in a football game automatically gets 3 points.  Looking at both spreads, it can be deduced that the games are basically pick 'ems.  I picked both games to be close, but now I'm thinking at least 1 will be a blowout, although my picks are obviously already set.  The Colts have beaten the Patriots the last two meetings, so it wouldn't surprise me if it happened there.  Of course, my judgment in picking games can be suspect on occasion.