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Super Bowl XLI Opening ODDS


Six months after the preseason began and we've finally reached the Super Bowl....wait a second, strike that...We've reached the two weeks of inordinate hype that leads up to the Super Bowl.  There will be plenty of stories to discuss, and we can leave that for later this week and next.  More importantly for now?  THE OPENING LINE!

Our friends at Scores and Odds have opened with the Colts as 7 point favorites and an over/under of 49.  Some other lines can be seen here.

I can't say that the line surprises me.  Peyton Manning has gotten the Patriot off his back.  Rex Grossman is playing on borrowed time.  The Colts defense seems to be coming together at the right time, after being shredded on the ground all year.

And yet this is an entirely winnable game for the Bears.  If they were to take a 21-3 lead, I really don't believe that defense would blow it.  The Bears defense needs one last big effort.  The way I look at it, the over/under will determine the winner.  If the under hits, the Bears probably win.  If the over hits, the Colts definitely win.  Plain and simple.  If the Colts dictate the style they win.  if the Bears dictate the style they probably win.  The Colts can grind it out if need be, the Bears can NOT win a shootout.

SB Nation will have plenty of coverage leading up to the Super Bowl.  In fact, for the first time since it was created, both Super Bowl teams will be represented by an SB Nation blog.  So feel free to check out coverage over at Stampede Blue and Windy City Gridiron.

Personally, I'm rooting for DA BEARS.  Who are you rooting for?