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1989 49ers Voted the best Super Bowl team EVER

Page 2 over at ESPN is running a feature ranking all 80 Super Bowl teams and your 1989 San Francisco 49ers are ranked #1.  Additionally, the 1984 49ers are 5th, the 1994 49ers are 11th, the 1981 49ers are 25th and the 1988 49ers are 42nd.

For those keeping track, only the Steelers with 3 and Cowboys with 4 have as many teams in the top 20.  Makes sense since those are the 3 biggest dynasties of the Super Bowl years.

An interesting comment appears at the end of the description of '89 team:

To date, only three members of this team are enshrined in the Hall of Fame, which speaks to the value of a tremendous supporting cast that included Brent Jones, Tom Rathman, Jesse Sapolu, Michael Carter, Pierce Holt, Kevin Fagan, Keena Turner, Eric Wright, Tim McKyer, Matt Millen and Bill Romanowski.

Do you have a favorite among the 5 Super Bowl winners?  I'll put a poll up for it, but feel free to also discuss it here.