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Senior Bowl Part 1 - Analysis vs. Performance

So even thought the Senior Bowl was yesterday, ESPN has some quality articles up with previews of the various players involved.  Obviously they've already played the game, but the previews are still good to know heading into the draft.

Mel Kiper put together a breakdown of the rosters and potential draft positioning.  Additionally, Todd McShay of Scouts Inc. did a breakdown of the top 3 at each position.  For today, we'll look at those analysis and how they performed yesterday.

And in response to the inquiry on the open thread, all stats, play-by-play, etc are available at the Senior Bowl's Official website.  It's quite the rundown and I plan on using it extensively.

Amobi Okoye - The youngster has become a favorite of Niners Nation.  Mel Kiper projected him as a mid-first rounder describing him as, "Awesome quickness, spin move. Enormous ability."    McShay said:

Okoye is the talk of the town this week. The 19-year-old got scouts nervous when he showed up at a lean 287 pounds, but his power and quickness during practice sessions helped erase all doubts about him as a mid-first-round pick.

Okoye finished the game with a tackle assist in the 4th quarter and a sack on a play in which he ran down Chris Leak in the first quarter just blowing past the guard.  The announcers were definitely high on him.  They referred to him as a rarity due to his rare movement skills.  Based on season tape they projected him as a 2nd rounder, but his age and upside move him into a solid mid-1st rounder.  As Dick Vermeil said, at 24 after NFL off seasons he'll be a "man's man."  I hate getting too excited, but he just seems so filthy!

Jay Moore - I didn't know a whole lot about Jay Moore going into the Senior Bowl.  He's a defensive end for the black shirt defense of Nebraska.  I'm already working on a preview from our Cornhusker blog so hopefully we can get something.

In the meantime, he didn't make McShay's report, but Kiper projected him as a 2nd or 3rd rounder saying, "Good quickness. Explosive first step. Works hard."  Needless to say, he had a HUGE Senior Bowl and may have bumped up his stock.  He finished with 3 sacks and 2 forced fumbles for a North defensive line that dominated this game.  Although, in watching his 3 sacks, Moore was untouched twice and the third sack was a strip of the ball that was probably helped by the rain.  

And just as I was thinking it, the announcers said he'd be asked to show outside linebacker skills at the combine.  I really think he could turn into a solid OLB that would be totally worth snagging in the 2nd or 3rd round.  He's 6'4, 270-280 lbs.  He'd be the smallest defensive end or the biggest linebacker on the 49ers at this point.  A mobile, big linebacker could do great things in the 3-4.  Consider me a fan!

Daymeion Hughes - How about we throw you Cal fans a bone here.  Mel Kiper projected him as a late first rounder and said, "Great anticipation, hands, instincts. Speed question."  Unfortunately, he was apparently turning some heads before pulling a hamstring and thus did not play Saturday.

I'll have some more information this coming week, but this is a good place to stop for now.  Okoye did nothing to hurt himself in my eyes and Jay Moore is officially on my Niners Nation radar.  I have the game saved on my TiVo so if you have any questions about specifics from the game or how somebody looked, let me know and I can certainly review the tape.