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Al and John, together at last? Really?!

Personally, I think this is so crazy it could work.  The 49ers and Raiders sharing a stadium year-round...why not?  

Word is the San Francisco 49ers have informally approached the Oakland Raiders about building a new home -- together.

I had heard suggestions about this idea in the past, but nothing ever really went beyond just the suggestion of it.  Now, there is smoke around that idea, and where there's smoke, there's fire.  The 49ers have quickly denied that they approached the Raiders about this idea.  But the two Chronicle writers say that sources within the Raiders indicated the matter was brought up in an informal setting.

Whether you're a 49ers fan that hates the Raiders, or vice versa, the idea clearly makes sense.  If they got NFL funding anywhere near what the Giants and Jets got for a joint Meadowlands stadium, it would help the financing situation tremendously.

So what are your thoughts on this?  Clearly it's tough to consider when you're talking about a rival, and particularly one owned by someone who makes your blood curdle.  However, it makes all the sense in the world from a business standpoint, as long as you can avoid the required Al Davis lawsuits.  No matter what, they would make for seriously strange bedfellows.  If it took this to get a stadium done, it'd certainly be a fitting end to this whole bizarre saga.