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Like Sand Through an Hourglass, So are the Days of Our Lives


And so this epic drama continues and we have a brief opportunity to talk politics here at Niner Nation.  The SF Chronicle is reporting today that the city is offering an option at the old Hunter's Point shipyard.  The Gav sent John York a letter regarding the proposal and the options it provides, particular the fact that they will not need to build the world's largest parking garage.

Per Newsom:

"This new plan addresses each of the 49ers' key issues, including delivering a new stadium by the 2012 football season, in a way that is also faithful to the city's core principles of fiscal prudence and putting the Bayview first," Newsom wrote.

It will be interesting to see how this situation turns out.  A particularly interesting note is the fact that the site is one of the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund sites and there are some radiological deposits that have been found recently, which apparently will take years to clean up.

I'll have a more in depth analysis of the stadium situation in the coming week or so, but would simply be interested in hearing your varying opinions on the issue.  For those that don't get too very many if any games at the Stick, do you care whether the team is in San Francisco or Santa Clara?  For those that do go to games, would riding CalTrain down to Santa Clara make any difference to you than hauling yourself over to Monster Park?