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***Breaking News*** - Defensive Coordinator Billy Davis, DL coach Gary Emanuel Fired

Well the 49ers offseason has certainly started off with a bang, although it's not entirely unexpected considering the performance.  We've got the stadium issues mentioned below and now we've got a shakeup on the defensive side of the coaching staff.  Billy Davis and Gary Emanuel have both been fired after, "an evaluation period."

The defense struggled quite a bit at times, although they had great stretches that were key to the team's successes.  However, I'm one to believe that Mike Nolan was more responsible for that when he started taking over the defensive play-calling.

Mike Singletary is mentioned as a possible defensive coordinator, or possibly going outside the organization as Nolan wants to go to the 3-4 full time.  Thoughts on going to a full time 3-4 and also thoughts on a new defensive coordinator?  I'll put up a list of candidates after work.