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Welcome to New Readers


I noticed a spike in visitors today and after some research, I found a thread started at 49ers Web Zone, under the username Eyeshield21.  First off, I'd like to thank that person as the traffic has tripled today compared to the prior per day average.  With that in mind, I just want to give a quick rundown of the site's features, as well as an upcoming schedule.

For those that are new, the SB Nation network of blogs has a feature called Diaries.  Diaries are basically a blog within the blog.  You can write whatever you want about the team and other topics and your insight and information will be posted on the right column with the other diaries.  If your diary is something I think needs more exposure, I can pull your diary to the center column, where the main posts are.  For instance, if Norv Turner was hired by the Cowboys tomorrow morning (fingers are crossed he won't of course), and it happens before I get to a computer, feel free to post a diary.  If I see a diary with that news, I'll pull it to the front page and piggy-back off your ideas.

To create a diary, you first need to create a user name for yourself (at no cost).  Click on Create User or go to this link and set it up.

As for the rest of the site, on game days and Draft Day we'll have Open Threads for discussion, a staple of all SB Nation sites.  Currently we're gearing up for free agency and the draft by plugging in previews of various players the team could target to fill the various holes the team faces.  In fact, tomorrow I'll be posting a Dwayne Jarrett preview.  In the coming weeks we'll have previews of Ted Ginn and Jay Moore from Nebraska among others.  I'm also working on a preview of Lance Briggs and other potential free agents.

Finally, we've had end of season grades for the backs and QBs.  Next up will be the receivers, followed by the offensive line and then we'll get over to the defense and then the coaches (or what's left of them).

In the meantime there will be updates whenever big news breaks, commentary when new coaches are brought in, and as current readers know, interviews with those "in the know."  In our short time online, Niners Nation has managed to interview Matt Barrows, Sacramento Bee beat writer for the 49ers and we had a quasi-email interview with Carole Migden, State Senator from San Francisco who introduced SB 49 to the California State Senate.  Feel free to check out both interviews for some insight into the team, the offseason and the future stability of the team.

In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy.  We're 5 weeks old and only getting bigger.  We've got a solid group here so far and everyone seems to be having fun.  I certainly hope you make it back to hang out at Niners Nation.

***EDITOR'S NOTE - We just reached 600 visitors today, far and away the best day so far for Niners Nation. Hopefully this is the beginning of a bright future!