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Offseason Schedule/Ideas

As this will ne Niners Nation's first offseason of posting, I wanted to lay out some ideas I have for offseason posts.  Additionally, I want you guys to use this thread to throw out any ideas you have for posts you might want to see whether it be updates of some sort, news, etc.  When things get slow we can definitely consider things outside the scope of the 49ers to discuss.  In the meantime, here are some topics that will definitely be brought up:

  • End of season review with grades on the players and coaches and any prominent front office staff.  I was considering posting each person's grade on a separate day, but now I'm leaning towards putting groups of grades together on a given day (such as WRs, LBs, Offensive line, etc...).
  • Assessment of the free agency market and 49ers needs based on player availability: This has already started but I wanna throw my 2 cents in before free agency starts
  • Draft preview: This has also begun but I'll put something a little more formal together including our needs and where we might fill certain holes throughout the draft
  • Mock Draft: We (the various football writers) are working to get a mock draft put together for the first round after the Super Bowl is over.  Starting with the Raiders, each team will make their pick and post it on their own site in a mock draft.  All the other sites will post about it to drive inter-site traffic.
  • Draft Thread: We'll have open threads on both days of the draft for discussion and comments
  • Draft Review & Grades
  • 2007 preview with analysis and predictions
Beyond that I'm coming up with ideas for random topics to discuss over the coming months.  For the next 3 months I'll post updates on the four 49er players that will be playing in NFL Europe.  Additionally, a suggestion was brought up among the football writers to post about your regional Arean Football League team.  I'm not sure what everyone here thinks about the AFL and if they wanna hear about it.  Thoughts on that?

Beyond that, when things are really slow I'll come up with any other analysis I can think of, but if you want to hear about anything in particular, either post it here, post it in a diary or feel free to email me (my email is listed in my profile).