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Maiocco: Ok Maybe not quite 4-6 weeks

EDITOR'S ALEX SMITH UPDATE 1:53PM - Big tip of the cap to marcello for throwing out Matt Maiocco's latest blog post. The 49ers will know more Thursday after swelling goes down, but right now, best case scenario is Alex Smith will miss this weekend and be back for our post-bye matchup against the New York Giants. I would assume worst case remains 4-6 weeks, but we'll definitely hope for the better. Thanks again to marcello and of course Matt Maiocco for his constant updates.


This is not good. From Rotoworld:

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Alex Smith suffered a separated shoulder on the third play of Sunday's game and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks.

Smith's status will become official Monday following an MRI, but the newspaper reports that Smith has "at least" a second-degree separation, which likely wouldn't require surgery. Trent Dilfer, who looked awful Sunday, will replace Smith as the 49ers' starter and has a very tough first matchup against the Ravens in Week 5. Oct. 1 - 9:31 am et

Thankfully surgery won't be needed, but I'll get more info on a second degree separation. In the meantime, pray for Trent Dilfer and the 49ers. Considering the abysmal offensive line performance, things are not looking good right now. I'll have more on this later today when I finish drinking myself to death.