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Weekend Plans

As we approach the bye weekend, now is as good a time as any to let everyone know what we'll have going on this weekend at Niners Nation.

Generally-speaking, not a whole hell of a lot.  I've got a take-home midterm that's going to take me most of the weekend (reading 50 or 60 pages we get this afternoon and then writing a 10-pg paper).  The law school took my suggestion to set the midterm for the 49ers bye week.  Good call on their part.

So, for tomorrow, I'll put up an open thread in the morning for college football discussion.  Cal is playing, LSU faces a tough challenge at #17 Kentucky and we'll get to see how USC bounces back at home against Arizona.

When I get up on Sunday I'll throw up an open thread as well for discussion of the NFL games.  The Raiders are looking to snap their 15-game divisional losing streak and take control of the AFC West (a scary proposition indeed).  The Cowboys provide the Patriots with what I consider to be their first real challenge.  I'm historically a Cowboy-hater, but I wouldn't mind seeing Romo pick apart the Patriots defense.  I'm not holding my breath, but we'll see what happens.

Additionally, I'll be plugging in links I find when I get free time tomorrow and Sunday over in the Bye Week Link Dumpage.

FINALLY, as always, feel free to throw out your picks for our six games this weekend.

I'll check in every so often this weekend, but otherwise have a good weekend and maybe go out and throw 80-100 passes like Alex Smith will be doing!