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College Game Day Open Thread

The first BCS rankings will be released tomorrow night and we've got a few big matchups this week that could affect things.  As always, all times pacific.

#1 LSU heads into Lexington to face #17 Kentucky.  LSU is a 10 point favorite but Kentucky is a dangerous team if there defense can put up a reasonable effort.  Andre Woodson will be a high first round pick next year so we'll see what he can do against the #1 team in the land.  This game  will be on CBS out here in San Francisco at 12:30.

Your #2 Cal Golden Bears face Oregon State at 4pm.  OSU has actually won 2 straight at Memorial Stadium against Cal, so this is no gimme.  Cal "controls their own destiny" so to speak, so just keep on winning.  This game will be on VERSUS out here in San Francisco, which is Channel 81 on my tv.

The #10 USC Trojans host Arizona at 12:30 as they look to bounce back from a devastating loss to woeful Stanford.  USC is not in good shape for a national title shot, but they're not completely screwed with over half the season left.  A few other teams' key losses and USC is right back in it.  In fact, they could conceivably get to the national title game without winning the conference.

Meanwhile, Captain Comeback may have something going down in Palo Alto.  The Cardinal host an always tough TCU squad as they look to capitalize on some serious positive momentum.

Plenty of other matchups out there, so feel free to chat it up in here.  Personally, I'm rooting for Kentucky and Cal.  We'll see if we get another crazy weekend or if the favorites finally take care of business for once.