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2007 49ers Rookies

Over at ESPN, Matt Mosley put together some quasi-rankings of the first round of the 2007 draft.  This list seems like a good time as any to take a quick look back at the 49ers draft and where we're at.

So the good news is Patrick Willis is a beast and Joe Staley is our most consistent offensive lineman.  The bad news is we've received no production from the rest of our draft far.  We all realize Willis is awesome and Joe Staley is making great strides.  Now seems like a good time to consider some of the other guys.

Jason Hill
He's missed significant time with hamstring problems and thus hasn't had a chance to make much of a contribution.  According to Rotoworld:

The 49ers are expected to give rookie Jason Hill a chance to be their third receiver once he recovers from a lingering hamstring problem.

The Washington State alum has missed the last two weeks. He's currently the No. 3 flanker behind Arnaz Battle and Bryan Gilmore, but that will change when Hill recovers, as he's expected to pass Gilmore. Gilmore and Ashley Lelie will likely split third receiver snaps until Hill is ready.

Thomas Clayton
Considering how bad the offensive line has been, it's probably a good thing Clayton is on the practice squad.  Although, I have been keeping an eye on the transaction line to make sure Clayton isn't signing somewhere else.  The Bucs could have used him before trading for Michael Bennett.

Tarell Brown
He's definitely a future impact guy, but considering the level of our secondary he's just able to watch and learn.  I'd like to hope he's staying close to Nate Clements and Walt Harris.  While Harris is a solid corner, at 33 I don't think he is in the long term plans of the 49ers.  I'm very curious to see how things develop next training camp for Brown.  Spencer is clearly a #3 corner and I think Brown has the talent to pass him on the depth chart at some point.

Dashon Goldson
Goldson definitely has project written all over him.  Michael Lewis is in for the long haul at strong safety, but considering Goldson's flexibility to potentially play safety and corner, he has some options down the line.  Again, the secondary is our strength so I'm not sure where he'll fit in beyond nickel and dime situations.

Ray McDonald
McDonald actually got into a game right before the bye and grabbed a tackle.  Our defensive line has actually been pretty solid since Marques Douglas and Bryant Young are playing out of their minds.  McDonald could be very useful in spelling both guys over the course of games.  Douglas and BY are both not guaranteed to be back next year for various reasons (free agent & retirement respectively) so there could be spots open for McDonald.

Anyways, I've got to run to class so I'm going to cut this short.  Joe Cohen and Jay Moore are both on the IR so obviously not making an impact.  Considering present performance and possible future returns, thoughts so far?