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Giants 33 - 49ers 9: I'm just assuming that other TD was called back on a penalty

Well that was certainly an embarrassment.  I really do feel bad for the 49ers defense in all of this.  While the Giants rolled on the opening touchdown drive, their other two touchdown drives were set up by ugly turnovers.  In the second quarter, the Giants scored a touchdown after forcing a fumble on the 49ers 27.  Then in the fourth quarter, the Giants scored a touchdown after running an in interception back to the 49ers 5 yard line.  When you do that sort of thing, you're just asking for an ass-whuppin.

While I'll be fine in the next few days, I'm really just feeling beaten down by this team and I bet the defense is feeling it a little as well.  The only thing keeping me remotely optimistic is the combination of benching Jonas Jennings, the return of Alex Smith next week (hopefully) and the AWESOMENESS that is defensive line coach Jim Tomsula.

While the offensive line continued to blow chunks, what really pissed me off were all the penalties.  13 penalties for 82 yards and almost every penalty seemed to come after the team made a nice play:

  1. Frank Gore left end for 11 yards - The Disease called for holding.
  2. Frank to the right for 13 yards - Staley called for holding.
  3. Manning incomplete pass on 3rd down - Moore roughing the passer.
  4. Dilfer completion to The Disease for 13 yards - Baas called for holding.
And let's not get started on Ray McDonald hopping offsides twice before the snap and then getting called when he does it yet again on the snap.  Suffice to say, I'm a little frustrated right now.  The defense made plays including some big 3rd down stops and the offense continued to struggle.  

There were certainly some positives on offense that they can hopefully carry over, but the turnovers just killed us.  The 49ers turned the ball over 4 times which resulted in 24 points (3 touchdowns and a field goal).  That's just NOT GONNA CUT IT!

And I'd be excited about Plaxico Burress getting more or less shut down if we hadn't gotten pasted the rest of the time.  The 49ers offense isn't good enough to overcome handing the Giants these points on a platter.

Briefly looking ahead, New Orleans comes to town next week in a battle of under-achieving squads.  Of course, New Orleans has now won back to back games while the 49ers' tailspin continues.  We should have Alex Smith back so maybe we'll have a QB playing who can actually move around in the pocket and not get sacked every other play.

And just because I need something to cheer me up, GAME BALL to Jim Tomsula for keeping the D-Line fired up!