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49ers - Giants: Maiocco Wrap

Well, we're not even 12 hours removed from the end of the 49ers loss in the Meadowlands and Matt Maiocco already has some interesting thoughts, comments and quotes.

Frank Gore had some interesting comments following the game regarding Jim Jostler.  Considering the source it's something to take seriously...different than if someone lower on the food chain was saying this.

"I just know that we had Norv Turner," Gore said. "He's been doing it for a while. Whenever he said something we wanted to do it. And now I feel that a lot of people when coach Hoss or somebody calls something, it gets in the back of their heads ,'Is he calling the right play?' instead of just going out there and busting your behind. That's all it is right now, I feel."
"We're not trusting each other; we're not trusting the coaching," Gore said, clearly frustrated with the 49ers' offensive troubles. "I feel like we don't have the trust. We're not trusting each other. We're not trusting the coordinator. I feel play-calling is overrated. You know what I mean? We're the people out there who have to make the breaks. Right now, we're not doing that. If we didn't have the turnovers and penalties, it would've been a better game."
"I don't care about the play calls," he said. "Whenever he calls a play, we have to make it work. It's (on) the players."

We'll deal with the substance at some other point.  More importantly for now is that Gore made his point like a mature veteran leader should.  While he expressed frustration he brought it back to the players and their need to execute.  As some of you pointed out, the play-calling was a little more creative today.  While the team struggled, they made a few things happen in spite of another relatively poor o-line performance.

Beyond the Gore thoughts, Maiocco already thinks Gore could be doubtful for next week.

Watching Gore after the game, I can't help but think it might be difficult for him to play next week against the Saints...Nolan wanted to take him out of the game, but Gore wouldn't allow that to happen...More should be known about the extent of his injury tomorrow.

One other comment that clears up the Osi Umenyiora sack, fumble and return for a TD: turns out that he was Dilfer's responsibility. There was a line call that directed left tackle Jonas Jennings to block a man inside.

Therefore, Umenyiora was left unblocked. Dilfer knew that. The play was a three-step drop and Dilfer wanted to throw to Ashley Lelie, who was running a fade route. The problem is that Umenyiora is so quick, he got to Dilfer before he could get rid of the football.

"You see that a lot, and the end never gets to you in three steps," said Dilfer, marveling at Umenyiora's speed off the edge.

So at least that's cleared up.