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49ers - Saints: All Vasgersian, All the Time

I have an assortment of blogs I read every day for my sports news, especially humorous sports news.  One of those sites is Awful Announcing, an amusing blog at blogspot.  They take a variety of announcers to task every day, but they also provide a solid service.  They list the announcing teams for each week's NFL games, which they have done again for Week 8.  This week, the 49ers once again get Mighty Matt Vasgersian, joined by JC Pearson.  This is the second straight week of Matt Vasgersian, but it feels like he broadcasts 49ers games quite a bit.  Of course, this is in fact just his second broadcast of the 49ers this season, but maybe it's just that he's always on Fox broadcasts.

Anyways, this is not exactly game-related, but any opinions thus far on Vasgersian?  From my experience with the EA Sports MLB series for PS2, Vasgersian is one of the broadcasters on the game and when I play with the A's at the Coliseum he always mentions his affinity for the Bay Area having grown up here.  Personally, I don't have any problems with him and enjoy his broadcasts.  He's not annoying like Joe Buck, but he makes his comments heard.  Consider it a quality balance.

Thus far, the 49ers broadcasts will have included Vasgersian twice, Kenny Albert twice, Dick Stockton once, Ian Eagle once and the Mikes crew from the Week 1 MNF game.  Just a random topic for a Wednesday, but I'm always curious about what people think of the announcers.  I've tried watching the baseball playoffs on mute due to my loathing of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver but it's just a pain not hearing anything.  So the announcers obviously have a big impact on the viewing experience. Thoughts?

[EDITOR'S NOTE - 3:45PM] - I just read Maiocco's blog indicating Smith is on pace to start this Sunday. I adjusted the link dump to include that topic, so feel free to discuss it over there to keep things in the same thread. Because obviously discussion about announcers is more important here than who will be starting at QB!