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Alex Smith meeting James Andrews? Say It Ain't So.

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While I'm not one to scream the sky is falling, ESPN is reporting some not so good news.

ESPN is reporting that Alex Smith will seek a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews (NEVER a good sign) after learning preliminary MRI results indicate a serious injury to tendons in his right shoulder:

A team source has told ESPN's Ed Werder that San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback Alex Smith is seeking a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews after preliminary MRI results indicated he appears to have suffered a serious injury to tendons in his right shoulder in Sunday's game.

If the diagnosis performed at Stanford is confirmed by Andrews, the source said that it is expected Smith would opt to have corrective surgery immediately even though he would likely miss the rest of the season.

All I can say is son-of-a-bitch. I'm not a proponent of swearing on the site, but now is as good a time as any if this is in fact true. Let's just hope Dr. Andrews has a better second opinion.

I'd say at least maybe we can get a great draft pick, but we have the Colts pick and the Patriots have ours. When it rains it pours. Let the prayer vigil begin.