Week 5 Prediction Games

Alright folks, no rest for the weary when it comes to the Prediction Game...even though my picks have been miserably awful. On to the Week 5 matchups:

Baltimore @ San Francisco - Sunday 1:15pmPST/4:15PpmEST

Dallas @ Buffalo - Monday 5:30pmPST/8:30pmEST

Chicago @ Green Bay - Sunday 5:15pmPST/8:15pmEST

Tampa Bay @ Indianapolis - Sunday 1:05pmPST/4:05pmEST

Seattle @ Pittsburgh - Sunday 10:00amPST/1:00pmEST

Detroit @ Washington - Sunday 10:00amPST/1:00pmEST

We've got decent matchups this week. Tampa Bay can try and prove they belong with the better teams in the league. Detroit looks to continue their surprisingly strong start. And of course, the Trent Dilfer era begins in San Francisco.

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