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Samsung Defining Moments: Patriots spitting in the face of the league

While we get the taste of another ugly loss out of our mouths, I wanted to point everyone's attention to a little something with which SB Nation has become involved.  Federated Media is the marketing company for SB Nation and they have scored us a campaign with Samsung called "Defining Moments."  What it entails is various blogs (SB Nation football blogs among others) offer up their thoughts on the defining moment for the past Sunday's games.  At that point they post all the submissions at their website (click on the logo to the right to get to it) and open up the polls to vote for which one you think is the defining moment of the week.

This week, I submitted the defining moment as the Patriots decision to twice pass on fourth down even though they had a significant lead late in the game.  More importantly, I'm not condemning them for their actions.  The reason I'm not condemning them is because I wish the 49ers were in their position.  I would love to see the 49ers be crushing teams by 20+ points every single week.  I really can't believe somebody wouldn't want to be in that position every week.

Anyways, head on over to the Defining Moments and if you agree with me, go ahead and vote for me.  I think if I get the most votes, they'll post video from the Patriots game with Niners Nation listed below the video in the top left of the page.  However, you do have the option of submitting your own defining moments through a link at the top of the page.