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Dr. Andrews confirms initial report: No surgery

Tip of the cap to mirage for posting this article two posts down.

Dr. Andrews confirmed late today that the team's diagnosis was correct and two ligaments are torn, NOT two tendons that Ed Werder was reporting and I initially posted.

Andrews got back to the 49ers late Wednesday afternoon and confirmed the team's diagnosis of a Grade 3 separation, meaning two ligaments in his right shoulder are torn. Andrews did not recommend a course of treatment beyond what the 49ers are already doing.

Smith will be evaluated today when swelling in his shoulder is expected to subside. Smith attended practice, his right arm in a sling.

"His spirits are great," Dilfer said. "He's doing everything in his power to get back."

Hopefully we've passed through the last loop in the roller coaster and things will settle down. I certainly don't have a problem with Dilfer making the start this week, but at the same time you never want to see your big money investment get hurt.

The team will know more after the swelling goes down tomorrow, so if I don't get any updated information up (likely to be found in Matt Maiocco's blog), feel free to post in a diary or in this thread.

[EDITOR'S NOTE - 11:30PM] - Speaking of Matt Maiocco's blog, he has posted an interview with a leading shoulder expert.