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49ers Coach Mike Nolan: "I don't know what the issues are exactly on offense...

...but we have a lot of work to do."

I'm not normally a snarky individual, but thank you Captain Obvious. The 49ers home page has clips from Mike Nolan's post game press conference, along with some comments from Trent Dilfer. While the information there was limited, the San Francisco Chronicle has some of the extended quotations which certainly provide some interesting information going forward:

In a loud and strident voice suggesting urgency, coach Mike Nolan promised the offense will devote this bye week to fixing what ails it - which is just about everything.

"We've got to do much better than we've been doing, no question," Nolan said. "Hopefully we'll get a couple guys back who are play makers. We need to be more effective and efficient . We're going to be working. We're not going to be enjoying a bye week with guys in the tub. The offense is the same structure as it was a year ago. I am not pleased with where we are at five weeks. ... We'll get it rectified."

More interesting was the next quotation regarding the play-calling and Jim Hostler:
First-year offensive coordinator Jim Hostler will take shots for this game after the 49ers produced season-lows in total yards and plays and notched a fifth straight game in which Frank Gore did not rush for 100 yards.

Nolan, in fact, would not even commit to having Hostler calling plays when the 49ers come off their bye week to face the New York Giants on the road in two weeks. Although he said, "I don't believe so," to questions about changing play-callers, he did say he would review the situation.

A lot can be taken from I don't believe so, but who knows what will happen in the next two weeks. HowTheyScored hit the nail on the head in pointing out the lack of adjustments being made, as opposed to the simple opening up of the offense. Hopefully over the next two weeks Hostler can figure out how to make adjustments and go from there.