Bye week link dumpage

I was thinking about the link dumping (huh huh) and had one idea.  To me, it makes sense to do a link dump for each week instead of random days.  Thoughts on that are entirely welcome.  It just made sense to me with the difference in schedule between Football and Baseball (since the idea of the link dump sort of came from Athletics Nation I believe).  Also the Diaries don't get bumped off the first page too quickly, so they should last the whole week.

Anyways, I'm sure most have read this already, if not Matt Maiocco's blog should really be required reading.

First off are notes about how Jennings is back and is still the starter despite some inaccurate reports, Hostler will still be calling the plays, and Matt seems to be getting a bit frustrated with the Niners usage (lack thereof) of Ashley Lelie:

Next, good injury news regarding Smith and Davis, both could be available against the Giants:

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