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Learn more about your fearless leader

I'm not one to toot my horn, but today I've received my first bit of publicity as a blogger. The San Francisco Weekly has a blog that tracks local blogs and writes features on them. After getting in touch with me last week to do an interview, they've posted a feature on Niners Nation.

It's certainly an interesting title for the article, but I'll take the publicity. I discussed my own background and my thoughts on blogging going forward. As we get more publicity, hopefully we'll add even more quality readers to our ever-growing community. I spent as much of the interview as possible explaining that the success of the site is due to the quality of the readers/commenters. A lot of fan sites are more or less message boards with people virtually yelling a sentence or a few words. Here we get insight and analysis that you can't find at random message boards and the like. Thanks to all of you for that.