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Open Sunday Thread

Since the 49ers won't be playing until tomorrow, we can sit around and enjoy some quality football on a Sunday for once!  I don't have anything of importance to say right now, so I'll just open a thread up for discussion of the games today.  Out here in San Francisco we're getting Vikings-Packers on Fox and Broncos-Chiefs on CBS.  The late game is Cowboys-Giants.

And BROOKS BOLLINGER is in the house for Minnesota.  With Wisconsin winning yesterday, maybe he'll be inspired.  More to come later.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 1:10PM - So we were switched over to the Redskins-Eagles game and I saw an example of great coaching that took the announcers even five minutes to recognize. Jason Campbell fumbled the ball with under 2:30 to go, Redskins down 1. Joe Gibbs had the defense let the Eagles score so the Redskins would get the ball back with plenty of time and only down 8 points. At first nobody said anything, instead talking about the game as a whole. Then, Tony Siragusa said the o-line opened up a gaping hole before Darryl Johnston finally mentioned that they let them score to give themselves the ball back with plenty of time to go. I usually enjoy this particular announcing crew, but in my opinion, it took to long to recognize the Gibbs decision.