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2007 49ers: Us versus Them

As my past few posts have shown, I certainly have no problem criticizing the 49ers, particularly when they perform as they did on Monday night.  The team is struggling and it angers and frustrates me.  I also have no problem with outside criticisms when they're accurate and logical.  With that in mind...

I received an email today from a blogger who had a column that some of you might find interesting.  Simononsports seems to be a general sports blog and he decided to pick on our very own Joe Staley today.  The gist of the article is to ask if Joe Staley is worth a Hall of Fame wide receiver and a top 5 pick.  Let's break this down a little further:

Top 5 pick: Initially the article said we were without a first rounder but I made sure to mention the Colts pick we have.  It seems like people ALWAYS forget that we still have a first rounder.  It's just not going to be a sexy Top-5 pick.  My other issue is that people make it seem like when the pick was dealt last year we were obviously going to be a crappy team.  At the time the trade was made, there was optimism based on the previous year's performance, combined with the offseason maneuvers.  I'm not sure how many people would have picked the 49ers to go 3-13 or 4-12 (or worse).

Randy Moss - Part of the Staley deal involved one of our 2007 fourth round picks.  Simon seems to think we could have just as easily traded that pick for Randy Moss.  Or at least Joe Staley would somehow need to match Moss's product combined with a Jake Long or whomever we could have taken with the top 5 pick.  Considering we had 3 other fourth round picks, I think it's possible we could have used one of those to deal for Moss if it were a legitimate option.  Considering we took Jay Moore with the 5th pick of the 4th round (higher than the pick dealt to New England), I have a question for Simon (and the rest of you can feel free to answer it): Do you think Randy Moss would have agreed to a trade to San Francisco, particularly if a deal was on the table to the Patriots?  Maybe I'm underestimating the lure of the 49ers, but I just don't see that trade happening.

As I said, I have absolutely no problem with others being critical of the 49ers.  But don't make an argument for "shock value" when it's not based in reality.  To further articulate my points:

  1. People didn't expect the 49ers to be so bad and have such a high first rounder
  2. Randy Moss was NOT going to be coming to San Francisco in a trade when the Patriots had a deal on the table.
Criticize the team, but don't make asinine comments that are based in some alternate reality.  Based on some of his posts, I see this guy as posting for "shock's" sake.  Normally I wouldn't bring attention to this, but consider this a rally around the flag moment for 49ers fans.  The 49ers are awful, but stick to reality in discussing said awfulness!