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49ers Fans Unite against the Colts

Alright folks, this is a bit off topic coming off the win, but I think it's sufficiently important anyways.  We all know and have discussed the 49ers not having their own first round draft pick this season and it certainly sucks.  HOWEVER, we do have the Indianapolis Colts first round pick, which is certainly better than nothing at all.

The Colts are going to be heading to the playoffs with one of the better records in the league, meaning a late first round pick.  In spite of that likelihood, I think we need to band together and send as many bad vibes towards the Colts as possible.  I'm not looking to get any of the Colts key players injured, but losses would be greatly appreciate, don't you think?  They face a relatively stiff schedule the rest of the way so anything is possible.  They get Jacksonville at home, Baltimore and Oakland on the road and finish up at home against Houston and Tennessee.

As part of the bad vibes, I figured a little voodoo might help do the trick.  I'm going to put that picture on the left side of the screen for the rest of the season in hopes that maybe it'll bring us some Colts losses.  Feel free to provide any other ideas that could help us get some more Colts losses.  And make sure they're at least legal in California and/or Indiana.

For me, Joseph Addai is on my 11-1 fantasy football team and Peyton Manning is a phenomenal and entertaining QB.  However, I am willing to sacrifice my entertainment to see the Colts lose as many of their remaining 5 games as possible.  Hopefully the rest of you will join me in bringing bad karma to the Colts the rest of the way.

Courtesy of wjackalope