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Welcome Mocking the Draft

I haven't been too diligent in mentioning new SB Nation blogs as they launch.  For those that I haven't mentioned, you can check the SB Nation blog roll down the right column.

However, we have one new blog you definitely will want to check out.  Our very own Matt Miller (username NewEraScouting) has launched a blog here at SB Nation, Mocking The Draft.  He'll be giving readers a year round take on the NFL draft.  

For those who don't know about Matt, he runs New Era Scouting, an impressive sight in terms of sheer quantity AND quality of information.  He has provided myself and many of you with quality information prior to last year's draft.  Last year  he emailed out a 248-page pdf previewing the 2007 draft.  This year, they'll be doing the same thing, except they'll have a first edition to send out January 2 to get things going.  I'll be getting it and utilizing it as part of my draft preview info (along with plenty of other information).  However, if you're interested in getting a copy, it's available for free over at this link at New Era Scouting.

So if you get a chance, head on over to Mocking the Draft.  It'll have all the features of Niners Nation (minus the hit and very miss football team).