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Is Alex Smith the Future: Yes, No, Maybe?

Alright, after the frustration of yesterday, some of the comments got me thinking that it was time to address this issue.  Is Alex Smith the future of this franchise?  I think it would be therapeutic to open this open for discussion because I know some people think we should blow up this project and get a new QB, while others are steadfastly behind Smith.  So, feel free to throw out your opinion.  However, try and avoid just saying, Dump him because he sucks.  I'd like to get some specific reasons for why you think he is not the future of this franchise.  Additionally, throw out some specific ideas for what the team could do going forward.  And for those who think he is or could be the future, let's hear why as well.

I continue to toe the line that I'm willing to give him more time.  He's struggling with accuracy, but when they were running roll outs and getting him moving to his left he was throwing strikes.  The problem was that they cut that out of the playbook after the first drive.  I'm really not sure what to say about his accuracy issues, other than he just seems to lack some touch on the deeper passes.  He had two guaranteed touchdowns that he overthrew pretty badly.

I'm honestly not sure if Alex Smith is the future of this franchise, but I also know that if you decide to draft another QB or bring in another QB, you're not helping Smith's development.  I understand the value of competition, but I think that's more for motivational purposes, which Smith does not need.  If the 49ers draft a quarterback in the second or third round, they're telling Smith they do not have confidence in him.  It becomes a situation of either fish or cut bait.  I think Smith could still be the guy for the 49ers, but he obviously has much to prove.  If you can't make it happen against a bottom-dweller like the Falcons, questions are going to be raised.

I've also thrown up a poll on the right side with the simple Yes, No, Maybe question.  Again, feel free to elaborate in this thread.