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Samsung Week 9 Defining Moment

So I sent in another defining moment, but I went with a different philosophy this time.  I was going to say Adrian Peterson's 296 yards was the defining moment of the week, but I thought I'd stick with the defining moment for the 49ers.  We've got a good discussion of the ugliness going on right now, and I figured I'd use that for my defining moment.

The general gist was that if the team decides sometime in the next couple of years to go in a different direction at quarterback, the overthrow of Bryan Gilmore and the overthrow of Arnaz Battle would stick out in my head as defining plays of what Alex Smith does not have as a quarterback.

As I said in the post below, I am in the camp of giving him more time, but I think there is the potential for those pass plays to be Defining Moments.  If you want, consider that a "hypothetical" defining moment.  Really I think it's all part of the therapeutic cleansing I need after yesterday's game.

Anyways, SB Nation cleaned up in the voting as Bleeding Green Nation (our Eagles blog) won with 93 votes.  Niners Nation finished with 26 votes, 3rd among SB Nation blogs and 5th overall (out of 10 total sites).  I'm up to 8 votes so far, and while there isn't a prize for winning, my ego likes it!

Also, feel free to continue the discussion in the post below about Alex Smith.  Might get a little confusing with a pair of posts (but I suppose that's my fault for putting both up).