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Web Links (49ers and others)

So, this is more housecleaning than anything, but it's something of value to everyone who comes to Niners Nation.  If you scroll down the right side of the front page down below the NFC West Standings, you'll see a list of links I've added over the course of the last 11 months.  

I get emails every so often to add links of other sites, ranging from 49ers sites to random sports sites.  I don't every single one because often times they're people selling random merchandise covering as a "sports site."  Today I did add 49ers Gab, so feel free to check it out when you get a chance.

However, I also wanted to let everyone know I'd love to hear about any great new sites you might know about.  I'd like to stick with sports-related sites, unless you can give me a really good reason otherwise.  I'd prefer you email me the links as I might miss them if you post them in an existing thread or diary.  My email is ninersnation AT gmail dot com and there is a link for my email towards the top right side of the front page.

As I get more and more links up I plan on breaking them up by content so that it's easier to find certain websites.  So feel free to let me know as I know I don't see every website out there.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 8:55PM - Obviously if you put links in here I'll see them.