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2007 49ers Re-Draft

ESPN had an interesting article up today in which Todd McShay redrafted the first two rounds as he thought teams would do.  He made some good points, but it was also a little random at times.  He had the Raiders still taking Jamarcus Russell primarily because with a solid running game anyways, they might as well take the long-term project that is drafting a quarterback.  In regards to the 49ers he said:

11. San Francisco 49ers -- Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss
Original pick: Willis
Willis has exceeded what were already extremely high expectations as a rookie. He has been a full-time starter in San Francisco's 3-4 defense since day one, notching a team-high 83 total tackles (59 solo) with one forced fumble to this point. Willis can't do it alone, though, and the next step is for the Niners to upgrade the personnel around Willis to solve their considerable struggles against the run.
28. San Francisco 49ers -- Joe Staley, OT, CMU
Original pick: Staley
The 49ers went 2-for-2 with their 2007 first-round picks. Staley, out of Central Michigan, has started every game and keeps getting better, including a season-best grade of just two minuses on 66 plays in Week 9 against Atlanta. He still has room to improve in terms of his technique and strength as a run-blocker, however, Staley is a hard worker with very good feet for his frame.

Does anybody know what "just two minuses on 66 plays" means?  Is that negative yardage on plays to his side?