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Early bets on the new 3rd string QB?

Thanks to wjackalope for pointing the latest news out in the link dump.  Alex Smith FINALLY decided on season ending shoulder surgery.  We've definitely run the gambit of emotions.  It started with despair when he first went down with the shoulder injury.  It moved on to relief when we thought he'd be back sooner rather than later and shoulder surgery wouldn't be necessary.  It become resignation when he clearly struggled.  It became a little annoying when there was clear miscommunication between Smith and Nolan.  

Now it's either just plain comical, or really friggin stupid how inept things seem right now.  First rumors float Smith was going to get surgery.  Next thing you know he's denying the Fox reports and saying no surgery.  Now he's getting surgery?  Let's get our shit together fellas.  While this is but one issue, it's this kind of ineptness that seems to be pervading the 49ers these days.

Anyways, now that we can close the book on Smith for 2007, it's time to take stock of where we are and what to look at going forward.  Shaun Hill apparently is our quarterback for the foreseeable future with Trent Dilfer hurting.  I'd assume Drew Olson will be activated from the practice squad...otherwise what the hell is the point of signing him in the first place?

So the question now is, who will the team sign this week off the street?  Any names sitting at home that could be an emergency option?  Or maybe they'll stick with Hill and Olson, leaving Arnaz Battle and Michael Robinson as the emergency quarterback?  I honestly think anything is possible at this point, no matter what the front office folks might say in the meantime.

So feel free to throw out your guesses, serious or ridiculous.  As ridiculous as things have become, I might select a different person/imaginary character to be our quarterback going forward.  All suggestions are welcome.